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DB Tyrann Mathieu is feared to have an ACL tear after initial tests

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damn sucks for honeybadger, but tbh he was tge only major cards defensive player that gave tge niners trouble when they play earlier in the season.
Yeah, hate to see that...not my favorite with his attitude and all....but he is just getting started and to be tearing up knees already sucks.
Terrible news. A lot of injuries this week in football.
Too bad it wasn't a Seahawks player
That sucks, he's been having a hell of a season, straightened his life out, huge loss for the Cardinals too, they're really weak at safety now, might be a good time to give Kerry Rhodes a buzz and see what he's got going on these days.
Sucks I like him. Wish for a speedy recovery even if he is a rival. Tough to see players get injured
That sucks. Great player. Good luck in his recovery.
Damn....hate it for him....

Hope he has a quick full recovery.
Saw the play it happened on, tough break for the kid, maybe it will help him be more humble.

ACL and LCL ... long road back. At least he is young, and that will help him heal up faster.
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Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Saw the play it happened on, tough break for the kid, maybe it will help him be more humble.

already humble. he wouldn't have been drafted if that arrest didn't change his life. every media clip I've seen of him he seems like a legitimately nice kid. I don't blame him for getting wrapped up in the hype -- such a huge spotlight was on him.

What will be telling is how he approaches rehab, if he attacks it as much as he did to get in shape for the draft and avoids the drugs I'll respect him even more.
is weed legalized in AZ?
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Too bad it wasn't a Seahawks player

Rather beat them at full strength anyways. Don't think it's cool to wish injury to a player ... unless it's Dick Sherman
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Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
is weed legalized in AZ?

Yes sir. Marijuana dispensary opened up a few blocks from me in an empty plaza, about a month later, a convenience store, taco shop, and a bakery opened up just a couple doors that's smart business strategy.
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