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How Carolina Panthers' Ted Ginn beat Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis took care of business against Steve Smith on Sunday, but not so much with Ted Ginn.

The Panthers wide receiver took a trip to Revis Island and lived to tell about it, flaming the Buccaneers shutdown corner with a 36-yard touchdown grab in Carolina's 27-6 win over Tampa Bay.

Ginn, who's battled Revis since high school, told reporters he used a newly minted double-move against his friend -- getting Revis to bite on a hitch-and-go route.

"I tried to give him the same (effort) as I always do, and it worked," Ginn said, per The Charlotte Observer. "It's going to be something that he's going to have in the back of his mind. From here on out (Revis and I are) going to continue to be that duo that fights. I know next time when I see him, it's going to be on."

Ted is feeling his oats.

Still, it's puzzling that Ginnatron, in his seventh season, waited until now to introduce a double-move into his repertoire.

Revis -- who later left the game with shoulder and chest injuries -- has seen every look, every move, every trick in the book. He's the best around, but on a Bucs team short on star power, not even Darrelle can do it alone.

I wish Ginn could have developed into a reliable WR for our attack .....the title of the article is hilarious, who would have thought
Ted Ginn has done it before to Revis.

All that $$$$ for Revis.

So VERY glad we didn't go after that "Fool's Gold."

Ginn doing good work in Carolina
Ginn has speed, he just drops alot of the passes thrown at him.
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