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Did Mike Tomlin intentionally force Jacoby Jones to change direction on kick return?

Appearently this is today's topic of the day. I dont see it. You be the judge.

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WTF was wrong with Tomlin......he laughed it off like it was funny smh
Mike Tomlin subscribes to the Jason Kidd school of coaching
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It was his intention IMO but I don't think it affected Jones at all. But I know that he does really watch kick returns on the jumbo screens, done it for years, which is why he thought he could get away with it. He'll get fined for it but I just find it funny that within days of each other we have this and Jason Kidd's cup drop with no timeouts.
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Fine him $50K because he still lost.
Fine him $500K if he wound up winning
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i think he did and i think they should have flagged him or given the ravens a touchdown. then he was laughing like a little girl. of course he knew where he was and what he was doing
Regardless of whether he meant to or not, isn't it illegal to be on the white stripe even? I know that is loosely enforced at best, but still.
That deserves a HUGE FINE and SUSPENSION if I was commish and I woulda also rewarded the Ravens and Jacoby a TD as well, I cant stand when coaches CHEAT like that!!
desperate move by a desperate coach
Either way his foot should not have been in the field of play, especially anywhere near that close to the play! Whatever his intention or not, it should be a fine.

He clearly knew what he was doing. It clearly affected Jacoby's run, as he had to cut back in. If he doesn't cut back in, he's gone- TD.
It looks even more like jones would have scored from the top view.

His excuse was that he was watching the jumbotron...... Which is b.s. No coach watches the jumbo tron during a play.

Tomlin affected vegas. Just saying.
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I saw that b******t and his foot was even on the field. This should be a fine no doubt absolutely. And he even laughed about it what a piece of s**t, but still f**k the Ravens.
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Even the ref had to alter his course as he was keeping up with the play because of Tolmin.

WTF is going on in sports with the coaches. Disgusting.
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