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Week 13 NFL Gameday Thread

Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
Jeezus sheesus so much internet hostility between individuals who are probably share a ton of similarities in real life and would hang out with each other in a heart beat in a different setting.

Originally posted by GoldenJoe:
I think our D is better than Seattle's, honestly. In terms of our common opponents (other than having to play the Saints at home) we have done as well as they have. Gave up less points to the Colts, Cards and Texans for instance. The Carolina games were both low scoring and the Panthers fumbled it in the red zone against them. Our D is as good or better than theirs. It's the O we need to worry about, on our end and theirs.

I'm sorry. I haven't seen our D play that good on both ends since 1989. The Hags are better than us. You take something from how many points Indy scored at home? Did you watch that game? I did. The Colts scored 1 more TD, AT HOME and that was on a blocked punt return. In both cases you mention, the Hags played the same teams away that we played at home. I see us winning this game, in a close, brutal fashion, but no way is our defense that good. Maybe up front and at LB, but the whole enchilada? Hags got it.
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