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Week 13 NFL Gameday Thread

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Originally posted by SofaKing:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
kearse, baldwin, lockette, tate, zack miller

its like it doesnt even matter who they put out there

for us, we need our star players to be 100% healthy to have a chance

Wilson's ball location is excellent, and he does it consistently. Very good at giving his receivers a chance to make a play on the ball.

Pretty much. Remmeber the old adage, a great QB will always make the players around him better. That is what Tom Brady does and Wilson has the same capability.
Regardless of the state of the game, I LOVE watching Sherman get run over by...everyone.
Disgusting night of football, but it doesn't mean jack come next Sunday. Them winning this one assures them of not a frickin' thing against us. Yeah, we lost the division... but that was nearly a given at this point. Will be a fun season finish... just hope the SB is not Seattle + Denver... because if it is? I am finding something else to do that day.
Originally posted by rondoman:
Originally posted by GoldenJoe:
Listen boys, they're great at home, their crowd is loud and will be louder in the playoffs. Let's keep something in mind, this is a team that was one Carolina fumble away from losing week 1, one Matt Schaub self-destruction away from losing in week 4, lost to Indy, squeaked by the Titans, were dominated by the Rams with their backup QB unable to get them in the endzone at the end. They are also the same squad that should have lost to a rookie QB (Glennon) at home. Yes, they found a way to win most of those games but they are beatable. Every team in the NFL is beatable. They get up for the big games, guess what? So do other teams.

They havent lost at home in almost 2 years, and they are getting better and better. They look to be peaking at the right time as well.

The Bucs were in Seattle, Titans too.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
So much for those revolutionary ear-plugs Sean Payton was raving about LOL.

Saints look completely shell-shocked. They can't handle this atmosphere.

Saints in general don't travel well, but they've been off balance all game, poor performance, with the refs chipping in with some huge assists to back them up.
Whqt do you expect... Seattle has no history... No trophies... They're just proud of their 12th man
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Originally posted by vaden:
At this point I hope Seattle blows out every team by 50 until we face them in the playoffs. Our only chance is for them to be overconfident and take victory against us for granted.

We should be the ones to go back in there and beat them.... fitting.
Lol, he hardly touched him.
Originally posted by ninerfreak:
I swear people up there are sacrificing children to the devil... This has to be the luckiest mother f**king team in the NFL

Quote of the mother***** century.
NO D stinks, there so slow and out of place. I watch ours and then theirs.

Brees is kind of a b***h though, always flopping, looking for a penalty.
Originally posted by LVJay:
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Seattle have won the superblow and going to surpass us in rings by 2019

This. They will win 18 championships by 2019, surpassing the Boston Celtics. Book it.

They already passed us in that category ("superblow")...

LOL for sure.
Brees acting like a b***h looking for the flag again
no one is beating Seatte at home

just gotta hope that the broncos can beat them in the SB
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by ninerfreak:
Is Pete Carroll This good to out coach Sean Payton?

seattle is a nightmare for any team to play at. do you not get it?

What do you expect... Seattle has no history... No trophies... They're just proud of their 12th man
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