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Week 13 NFL Gameday Thread

Originally posted by SportsFan:
Holy s**t does Detroit suck.

They don't usually turn it over like this, but they have a knack for playing like complete s**t on Thanksgiving. Especially vs GB.
3 turnovers in the first half and they are going into halftime with the
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Akers gonna Ake
Akers being Akers
Akers strikes again. lol
Nice kick Akers
I really miss Akers, not! Can you imagine still having this guy? F**k that.
I was slightly concerned for Akers prior to that kick.....

Crazy that it was a valid concern.
My concern with playing Detroit/Green Bay is our consecutive win streak against them, and that eventually it will probably end.

Confident we can beat both on the road of course, but rather play new teams.

As for Seattle, they might have concern with the fact that they might have to play us three times this year.
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gregg rosenthal ‏@greggrosenthal

"Scott Tolzien has a really strong arm." Things I didn't expect to hear today.

Joe Buck just said Tolzien has a really strong arm LOL.
Originally posted by ninerjok:
Joe Buck just said Tolzien has a really strong arm LOL.

Green Bay looks like us if McCoy had to play, knock on wood.
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Seems almost any QB with a decent arm could look like an all-pro lobbing passes to Calvin Johnson. Wonder if the money tied up in Stafford is really worth it.
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Schwartz is a weasel and the Lions suck. I hope the 49ers see this team in the playoffs. Even when the Lions are good they don't know how to be good. 4 turnovers and they can barely get it done against the scrubbiest QB in the league.
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I knew the Packers would be bad without Rodgers but this is far worse than even I expected. Sucks for Rodgers that he just signed a long-term contract there. Total garbage team he has to work miracles just to get 10 or 11 wins.
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