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Which other teams fans get on your nerves the most?

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Seahawk fans are annoying because of the success of their team right now and also the fact their stadium is purposely designed to amplify noise, thus bringing them personally into the equation.

However, where I live, the most annoying fans are Raider fans. Most of them are rather ignorant about football. They just like the Raiders gear because it fits the gang banger mentality that is all to prevalent here in the Central Valley. I only know a handful of Raider fans who really know football. The rest of them couldn't name 6 other teams in the NFL.
Packer fans by proxitmity but they have been pretty quiet this year with their team involved in an injury induced death roll.

Seahawk fans who are bored with their own chats so they come here and the fact that they call themselves the "12th Man" which is a total rip off of Texas A&M's original "!2th Man". Really? Get you own name! The stadium, the knock off name and the drug suspensions are all a little too much for a team with one NFC champ trophy in the trophy case. Do you have a trophy case for one trophy?

Dallas because they named themselves "America's team". The owner and the fans are just flat arrogant. Plus their Freudian stadium that has everything "bigger" but the team's win total. No matter how mediocre they are they still get press like they are good.
Trolling Seahawk fans are hard to avoid over the internet these days for sure. They all jumped on an article about the match up this coming monday night. They were lashing out about the fact that the writer thought special teams were even between the two teams.
Anyway, try growing up a Niner's fan 10 min. south of philly. They are freaking terrible. Who puts an 80 year old man in the hospital because he roots for another team?
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Our fans who jump ship and start calling for benchings and people to be fired in the middle of the season
Packers and Bills fans. Theyre everywhere because they leave their s**tty- weather cities and come out to the west and SW.
A lot of good candidates, but for different reasons:

Seahawks - Endlessly arrogant and full of double-standards; the biggest "Blame the Refs" crowd for that Super Bowl they lost and believe they are a "powerhouse" team with a winning legacy despite just barely two decent seasons. They're obsession with imitating the 49ers is cute; their most annoying aspect is their arrogance that their fans are somehow better or more passionate than other fan-bases because their architect traps sound on the field. A few years ago, their team's entry for the Madden cover (that Hillis won) was their fans. Seriously. It's delusional, and I'm glad an open-air stadium belonging to a legit and storied franchise like Kansas City broke their assisted sound record.

Seahawks fans also believe that everybody else--the NFL, ESPN, all media, announcers, etc.--are conspiring against them. Maybe its an inferiority complex from living in the Pacific Northwest/so close to Canada, I don't know.

Saints - Oh my God these people are terrible. Someone else said it: Terrible winners, sore losers. They think Brees can do no wrong, that the Bounty scandal was an NFL witchhunt, that Every. Single. Call. that goes against them ever was phoned in by Roger Goodell, and that every loss on their record is someone else's fault; but God forbid they win a game, and all of a sudden its a pathetic attempt to project all of their worst features on everybody else: "Man, 49ers are still whining about that call. Them's the breaks sometimes." "Haha Atlanta sucks. How can a division winner get so bad so quickly!"

Eagles - They're from Philadephia.

Patriots - They're from Boston.

Giants - They're Yankees fans, so that's problem #1. They believe the football world revolves around them, but I think they've adopted the "Look at me! Pay attention to me!" attitude of a little brother that must've come with having Eli Manning as their QB. Mostly, their fans are way, way too know-it-all and pass quick judgments based on overreactions and "of course I know what I'm talking about, I'm a Giants fan" type mentality.

Broncos - They believe signing Peyton Manning was an act of divine Providence. And by "divine", I mean John Elway. Ugh. No fan-base as so many bandwagon fans who instantly become true-believers.

Fanbases that don't make my list:

Cardinals - Mostly harmless. They believe they're one or two breaks from turning everything around, but that leads to more hilarity than getting on nerves.

Redskins - Someone mentioned them as well; I just don't see it. Sure, ExtremeSkins can be a landmine, but so can any Internet message board. Their fans hate their own team (and especially ownership) more than anybody else, and it's sort of charming how quickly they let themselves believe in something that will save them (McNabb, Shanahan, Fred Davis, RGIII) only to see it not work. I think we're close to getting Skins fans to not believe in hope anymore, and as someone who lives in the WDC area, it's really, really funny.

Cowboys - Mostly harmless. Again, more self-hating fans. Cowboys fans like to pretend they're "America's Team" and still lives in their 1990s heyday (we used to, but a decade of irrelevance and our recent success has thankfully purged that), but mostly I think Cowboys fans who live in the heart of another team's fanbase are just trolling everybody else and playing the role of the "bad guy" because that can be fun. So if you don't let them, it's not bothersome.

Packers - Sure, we have a rivalry with them, and I still have bad memories of the late 90s, but I don't really have a problem with their fans. They're fanatical, but they're true to their team and not overly disrespectful. They live in the present as much as they live in the pass, and they recognize their deficiencies. The "team owner" label is a little obnoxious, but knowing the truth about it makes it almost like an inside joke than anything more harmful.

Bears - Another fan-base that's true to their team. You know what you're getting with a Chicago fan, and it's not so bad, relatively speaking.

Rams - Are there even Rams fans? I've somehow met like a half-dozen Tennessee fans but have never met a Rams fan.
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Raiders/end thread
Still the scumbag Giants - just total hate.
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London Shaguars' fans
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
not a particular team, just "fans" that don't know s**t about the sport or "their" team.
like you??? :D

I hate them all.
Niner fans.
Any team that's beating us and they rub it in our face.
Besides the obvious, Seahawks fans, I'll go with saints fans. Haven't had many productive conversations with saints fans lol.
Can't believe it took till page 4 of this thread to get to Philly fans. Unbelievable.
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