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**** WEEK 12 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/21 - 11/25 ****

of course when i play peyton manning in fantasy in 2 money leagues, he finally has a mediocre game, but OT keeps padding his stats
Broncos have a whole hell of a lot of talent ont hat team damn.
Jamie Collins....Logan Ryan, Patriots had themselves a pretty nice draft.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
The game was iced before it even went to OT, but the refs sought otherwise.

Buffalo Wild Wings?

Unleash the sprinklers.
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this is one of the craziest games i've ever seen. Brady and Manning are usually automatic in these situations, but instead it's a battle of punters. I know it's cold, but it's still shocking.
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F*** another tie
Can you select tie in the Pick em'
Damn Brady has an ugly deep ball.

Has there ever been 2 ties on the same day?
In before NFL introduces emergency rule that allows for a 2nd OT.
Originally posted by 24plus25er:
Damn Brady has an ugly deep ball.

He's got a case of the Ken Dorsey noodle arm
WOW, that dude just pulled a Kyle Williams.
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