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**** WEEK 12 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/21 - 11/25 ****

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Hope Roman is paying attention, this is how you call a passing offense.

hope harb is watching this is how to not burn all ur time outs
LOL Bill wants the wind.
Not electing to receive in OT is crazy.
Bold move, Cotton.
dont know if that is a good idea
Time for a Peyton mistake on the first drive.
Belichick channels his inner Marty Morningweh and takes the wind lol. He better be damn sure his defense can stop them from getting in the endzone or else he looks like an idiot.
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F***, I hope not another stupid tie!
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hoodie gonna hoodie

Gonna LOL if Belichick giving up the football comes back to bite them in the ass with Moreno running the ball all over the Patriots defense.
"Cheaters Shouldn't Prosper" NBC Exclusive.

First shot of the game is of Bill Belichic lol.
Belichick has balls, that's for damn sure.
another gutsy call.
Manning has no arm strength. I know that was into wind but come on.
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