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Week 11 Bold Predictions

NINER win 28-17
Originally posted by Canfan:
Saints rush for more yards than the 49ers
49ers throw for more yards than the Saints - 49ers win on Kaep's 8th TD pass!

The Jags shut out Arizona and win 5 - 0 on a field goal and a safety

Tampa Bay - Atlanta ends in an overtime tie of 14 - 14. Orange wedges and participation medals are handed out following the game.

Chip Kelly's Eagles run for 853 yards on the Redskins (not sure what all the fuss is about the name Redskins - aren't they named after Shanahan's complexion?) and Shanahan strokes out on the sideline. Red Lobster later claims the body.

Awesome predictions.

I'll go out on a limb - 49ers beat the Saints, Carolina beats NE, and never looks back on the way to a 13-3 record and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.
Saints are shut out at home
Drew Brees thows 5 TDs
Kaepernick has 4 total TD's. Eric Reid gets his first pick six. Aldon Smith gets 3 sacks.
I think the Chiefs undefeated streak ends Sunday. Their defense will "limit" Peyton but their offense still won't be able to keep pace. Broncos 27-13.

Gore runs for a very angry 120 yards, and Kap throws three TD's against an overrated Saints defense. However, Drew Brees is out for revenge, racking up yards through the air as the Niners struggle to find answers on defense.

In the end, because of their superiority on the ground, the Niners maintain the edge in TOP battle. A frustrated Drew Brees watches while the Niners, led by Frank Gore, run the remaining three minutes off the clock to end the game.

49ers win it, 31-26.
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