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**** WEEK 11 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/14 - 11/18 ****

Originally posted by zaghawk:
eh I'm kind of a fan of that whole letting the last play, play out. On top of that, at least from my perspective sitting on the couch, it seemed like Gronk had no chance of catching that ball anyway. I know most of you are sour losing to the Panthers (this is not meant to be an insult), but you know it's always cool to see a new team start to emerge (assuming they don't emerge beating your team in the process).

Except you very easily could have called Defensive Holding. Gronk doesn't have to be able to make a play on the ball for Defensive Holding to occur.
If the 49ers had beaten the Saints, and if the Panthers lost tonight the 49ers would have the #5 seed possibly locked down for the next couple of weeks.

Funny how both games end in controversy.
The NFL is a f**king joke right now. This has been going on for a few years and the powers that be in the NFL don't seem to give two s**ts. Really proves the point that the NFL is viewed as entertainment (as it is defined under law) and not sport or competition. Therefore Goodel and others don't care. The NFL is basically the WWE.
Dn we needed that. How is that not PI? We got similar b******t call. We needed that s**t.
Originally posted by ninerjok:
Ginn just outruns every defender for the score and our f**ked up coaches couldn't see a way to use him in the passing game. Yeah right.

Where's cciowa, the biggest Ted Ginn hater on the Zone? Dude just won the game for the Panthers against the Pats!
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Originally posted by GameOver:
Originally posted by 4ML:
Originally posted by Jcool:
Jim Daopoulos ‏@RefereeJimD

That is a foul and should have been penalized... The pass was catchable...

the rule is same as tipped ball. It was intercepted underneath. Good call.

Still could have called defensive holding which can be called regardless of the outcome of the play so long as it occurs 5+ yards from the LOS.

With that said, I thought it was a fine no call. Once you throw the flag tho, and with that kind of evidence for viewers at home...s** have to call it, don't you?

They don't have to call it. The rule is simple...if the ball is thrown - it can't be called holding if the foul occured after it was thrown (which it did) and must be called PI. But, it can not be PI if the ball is tipped or intercepted under-neath or before the ball reaches the receiver. That happened as well. The ref threw the flag...talked to other refs and picked it up. Happens quite often.
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lol @ ppl thinking this is some sort of conspiracy. Against the Panthers - Vernon clearly fumbled the ball. Panthers even challenged it and still lost the challenge. Refs did us a big favor in that game. We would have scored 6 points if not for that call.

Also, Kraft is the most influential owner in the league. Why will NFL conspire against him? Makes no sense.
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