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**** WEEK 11 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/14 - 11/18 ****

Ultimately the coaches for KC lost the game when they played too conservative at the goal line in the 2nd quarter and didn't try to go for it on 4th when down 14 early in the 4th. After that punt it was a slow bleed out to a loss.
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lol fail, -12 yards

Yeah, LOL there
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that reminded me of our last series vs the Giants in the playoffs... pass at the feet.

Threw to a spot on back shoulder that didn't line up; could have been a better pass, and Bowe could have gone back for the ball a bit better. Mostly Smith on that pass. Doesn't excuse the bad drops on previous plays by WRs though. Those hurt way more.

thought Alex would've ran forward for it...if he had RB in the flats, could've maybe made a play there as well.

like when Kaep almost had Gore today.

I'm just not a fan of these 4th down/ crucial 3rd down plays... that require perfect passes, perfect routes, and catches to end a game.

like our Superbowl call to the pass to Vernon in the endzone today...and that pass to Bowe, by Alex.

I'd rather be rolling out with a mobile QB and have RBs to chose from that you can lob it to...or maybe have a better angle at a WR. The one Alex threw to Bowe over the middle that he was draped by Rogers-Cromadie..from the pocket, that was a tough angle to get the ball in...but if he was running along side you...or coming in late...might have a better angle to fit the ball in.

anyway rambled on.
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I guess the 49ers must be heathens.
Broncos offense just too good. Chiefs put up a good defense. But no pressure on Manning. Chiefs play coverage and it worked somewhat, but they needed to take some chances to get pressure on Manning and I don't think that they did. Chiefs offense was decent. Could do without some drops and penalty to keep up with Manning. Both teams played well. Broncos just too many weapons.
Let's go Cam
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Let's go Cam

Why root for a team we are battling for a wildcard spot?
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Let's go Cam

Why root for a team we are battling for a wildcard spot?

Can't stand Brady and I'm a fan of Cam. We ain't doing s**t in Jan. if we need other teams to lose to make playoffs.
Panthers took a total dump on 1st possession. I knew they'd lay a turd tonight. They overachieved last week to prove a point and now that they've "arrived" there going to play like s**t tonight, but at least it'll help us.
Watching this s**t just goes to show how terrible our offense is.

Ohhh Caaaam
Talib is a lil b***h
I was gonna say how is that not a penalty
So this is what a passing offense looks like.
Lehhsss Go Patriots!!
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