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**** WEEK 11 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/14 - 11/18 ****

Thank you Pittsburgh
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Good job Steelers1!!
Stafford and Schwatrz.

Some really bad decisions/playcalling. They could easily be tied/leading right now.
Geno Smith lmao
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Geno Smith lmao

He had an absolutely horrendous game.
Come on Ravens
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I really like the Chiefs....and as much as it would help our draft status if they lost, I don't really care about that this game...just because I hate the Broncos.

and I don't Hate Alex....actually I'm very happy for him.

but DAMN if the Alex fans that have been trolling like f**k make me want to see the Chiefs get blown out... but damn, just confused right now because I like the Team that the Chiefs have put together... I'll just watch.
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alex comin out slingin it
i need j. charles & j. thomas to score for me

Avery got to hang on to that one. Smith beat the safety on a back shoulder pass
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Perfect f**king pass dropped.
28-5-1. dammit. God I miss Smith.
haha going to be one of those weird games.
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