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If you were a free agent...

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Dallas -great tax structure and cost of living. Plenty of $$$$, and mega babes.

Giants - one of the worst tax structures in USA.

texas is the land of fat b***hes and probably the least intelligent, backwards area on the face of the earth lol. id take less money to avoid that s**t hole at all costs.

Obviously you have NEVER lived in Texas. I've stayed in California, DC, heck even London and Texas by far smokes all those places. I've been to Baylor, UT, and an A&M game this year and most of the women were smoking hot. Country as hell but hot. As far as intelligence Austin is the new silicone valley and Texas has some of the best schools in America from elementary all the way up to college. The weather is great, taxes basically don't exist because republicans don't believe in feeding the poor, cost of living is great. My buddy a two story, two garage house for 10k in 2008 put about 70k in renos into it and flipped it for $150,000 last year to some rich Baylor family. Do your research kids a lot of people are fleeing to Texas from other, true genuine s**t holes.
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NE, Denver, Pitt, Indy, GB

I would hate being a packer if I played in the NFL. In all seriousness. So ok you play for a storied franchise. Beyond that what else is there? You live in an area of the country who has all kinds of polluted waters in lakes and rivers, you have 5-7 months of cold ass winter, of which 4 months is biter cold. 50% of the vehicles on the road are ugly rusted eyesores. When it is nice the spring is extended due to all the snow so mud forever, then when the mud dries up the moisture hangs around and makes the nice temps miserable not to mention any number of insects the size of small birds and rodents that make life outdoors difficult. It is small town living as Green Bay isn't exactly a metropolis, and unless you are an avid outdoors man the area doesn't have much else to offer.

Id probably prefer to live in any other NFL city than Green Bay, I personally hate it here and live about 30 minutes south of..
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