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If you were a free agent...

You can choose your position.

To the ppl who said the Cowboys - I couldn't handle watching Romo throw game losing picks week after week. If I'm playing in Texas then you would have to say Houston lol.

NY can EAD.
The Seattle Seahawks... What.....there's no income tax in Washington. :P

Also the Titans, the Patriots and the Chargers.

Would not play for the Giants, Raiders, Dolphins, Jaguars...f**k it, just cross Florida off the list.
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If a WR, I would choose to go where there is a good QB. If a RB, where they have a decent OLine. If I already won a SB, I'd go where the money is.

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seacawks since i love to eat skittles.
New England Patriots - Personally, I have a lot of respect for this franchise, Belichick, and Brady. If I'm a WR, I'd love to call this place home.
Atlanta Falcons - Yeah, I know they suck now but I think they will easily rebound next year. They've been hit hard with injuries this year; I think when they get Roddy and Julio back, rebuild that o-line, get some playmakers on defense, they'll be back. And similar to the Patriots, if I'm a WR, I want to play for them.

Spin off: Teams I'd hate to play for:
Oakland Raiders - Need I say more?
Jacksonville Jaguars - I think they'll always suck
Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins
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London Shaguars
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Originally posted by kidash98:
Depends. What is my position?

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On the bottom

Originally posted by verb1der:
I'd sign with the Patriots. Just to experience Bellicheck's genius.

All jokes aside, this.
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I would sign with any team so I can get a paycheck and put food on the table for my family. Its already hard just to get into the NFL, so I'll take the first opportunity.

I would play for Atlanta. Heard it's an awesome city and it's close to all the east coast hot spots.

Would not want to play for the Titans. Not sure why but I don't think I would like Tennessee.
I would sign with the broncos... Denver is a beautiful city, awesome weather and really great fans. I would not want to sign with the Raiders.
Saints - I love the city and the fan base.

Raiders - Quite simply, it is currently the most pitiful franchise in the NFL.
NE, Denver, Pitt, Indy, GB
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MRSA much?
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