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**** WEEK 10 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/7 - 11/11 ****

Originally posted by schmons:
so if you are the buc's GM, after you fire schiano, do you also cut revis and his non-guaranteed contract?

Buc should fire their GM as well for bringing in Schiano and reevis

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Already better than Kap.
Should I bother mentioning that this 0-8 Tampa Bay team is already looking more impressive than the Niners did at any point yesterday?

Probably not but I just did. Their plays seem to have a purpose.
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battle of coaches on the hot seat
the head coach in florida with the most job security would be..... that dude in jacksonville lmao
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Loved watching their big fatty LT make that TD catch and then goal-post "slam".
lol Donald Penn caught a TD pass
Why didn't we draft mike james? Dem Miami RBs are the best in the business.

But we love nursing players back to health.

somewhat kidding : /
Bucs bullying the Dolphins
How is that PI? Ridiculous

Greg Roman should be the next head coach of the Bucs or Dolphins
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Greg Roman should be the next head coach of the Bucs or Dolphins

Dashon with another stupid penalty after the play , what else is new?
goldson lol
Lol at Gholdson. Im glad he's not a Niner anymore.
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