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**** WEEK 10 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/7 - 11/11 ****

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The NFL should start flexing games earlier so the could flex sorry boring ass games like this out if primetime. This Monday night game sucks too and needed to be flexed.

I don't think they should touch the Thursday night games ever, no team should have to play multiple Thursday games, then again, I don't think we should have Thursday games at anytime but on Thanksgiving to begin with.
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Just imagine how terrible the Vikings would be without AP

They have no passing game. They need another stud WR. Jennings is decent, but Simpson isnt a #2 WR. And Rudolph broke his foot, so that will hamper them.

I can see them taking a Paul Richardson, Allen Robinson, Donte Moncrief in 2nd round. I see either a QB or Clowney in rd 1. If Not that, then Watkins or Lee makes sense.
They have Patterson as well. With all their needs I doubt they spend another 1st rounder on a WR. I think they take a QB in this QB loaded draft.

This. No matter how many weapons they get, still doesn't fix Ponder's inaccuracy or the fact that he is terrible and not a franchise QB. Ponder is the weakest link on that offense. The Vikings would be silly not to take a QB in the first round.
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I think RG3 is a masochist.

The dude clearly loves pain.
I guess redskins running the same "college offense" NCCommand was saying we run
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Originally posted by Pillbusta:
I guess redskins running the same "college offense" NCCommand was saying we run

I'm glad he turned down his offers from the nfl to share his vast knowledge with the zone
I lol so hard when refs blow up trick plays.
Christian "The Beast" Ponder
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Christian "The Beast" Ponder

I thought he was done after that hit. Hell of an effort.
I still can't believe he beat us last year
Deadskins still gonna lose LOL!

Nice Vikes
Originally posted by NeonNiner:
Deadskins still gonna lose LOL!

not happy because that means the Rams 1st rounder just got a little better.
We're gonna kill the redskins lol
Glad Vikes won. Didn't want them having any momentum before they face us
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
I still can't believe he beat us last year

lol. This.

We made him look like Mike Vick mixed with Tom Brady last year; he torched us with his legs and arm with ease.
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