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Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapses at halftime. Are NFL coaches working too many hours?
Always have.
Just a bad burrito before the game.
coach collapsed at halftime team collapsed after
I blame George Bush Sr.
Hopefully its not serious and its something like dehydration. I dunno
Hoping he is ok and nothing very serious

sorta happened to my aunt and co-worker. No symptoms, feel dizzy and then collapsed. Few days later diagnosed with a form of cancer.
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They were reporting and/or had footage of him clutching his head with both hands before he collapsed. He supposedly never lost consciousness but that doesn't rule out something like a mini-stroke or anything crazy.

He could also been simply dehydrated and had a several migraine brought on by stress and nerves.

We'll have to wait until they release any info.
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Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter

Texans HC Gary Kubiak was treated with IV medicine designed to break up clots consistent with people who suffer strokes, per medical sources
Damn, gotta respect coaches at all levels. Even highschool coaches put in countless hours of film work and ignore their families for a good portion of the year. Its a thankless job if you're not winning, easy to see how health problems from stress could happen.

High stress job.

If he has a poor diet - he can be in real trouble.

Wish him well.
I Wish him the best, I was hoping the Texans would pull it off for him.
I was really pulling for Houston as well. Pulling for coach Kubiak the way I pulled for coach Pagano. I have to admit though, I've just about had enough of the Chuck strong factor and sort of annoyed by how the media will not let it go.
Originally posted by susweel:
coach collapsed at halftime team collapsed after

So, it was a mini stroke? Well, I gotta say that if you're going to have any medical problems the best place to have it outside of a hospital is at an NFL game. Doctors on staff along with paramedics and an ambulance on standby to get you to a hospital in no time at all. Imagine how tragic it would have been if it happened to him one of those nights where only a few people are in the Texans offices at 3am.
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