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who's di** is jerry jones sucking???

For christ sake, every single pregame coverage I turn on, nfl metwork, fox, or espn, its all about the cowboys. Screw the cowboys, they are an average team nothing more. They don't cover good teams or bad teams, they cover the cowboys week in and week out. WTF, I'm so tired of hearing how romo cracks in the fourth or dez has a big mouth, or witten takes it inthe ass from romo, who cares. If they start winning and contending then talk about them. They are a perennial .500 team, treat them like that, don't treat them like they are on the doorstep of a superbowl.

How does jerry do it?? How does he keep them in every analysts coverage, its pathetic!!!!!
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I read somewhere that he owns part of NFL network or is on the board, something like that. So that explains that one. This would also explain why Irvin still has a job on NFLN. What a clown.

As for the rest of the networks, I dont get it either. Cowboys, Jets, Tebow. Guess they get better ratings or the hosts dont want to talk about other teams.

Look at how much coverage teams like the Chiefs get? I'm not an AS fan or a Chiefs fan, but if the Jets were 8-0, thats all we would be hearing about. When was the last time you saw any network break down footage of the Rams? The Cards?

Same thing happens in the college ranks. Doesnt matter how bad Notre Dame may be playing, they still get prime slots and get into a bowl game with a terrible record. Its what the fans want, and it makes the networks money.

Every year its the same core of teams that get attention, then they focus on "sexy picks", like the Seahawks this year, so they can say they were right.

In the end its all about ratings, I guess Cowboy fans, Jets fans, Patriot fans, more pregame shows than other fans.
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