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Dez vs Crabs

Physically speaking I think they're very similar. One is not better than the other.

Bryant is about an inch taller, but they both run a 4.5 and are very strong. They both use their strength to beat the press, and shrug tackles. They both have knack for creating yards after the catch.

The only difference is the offense which Dez is in a much more WR friendly offense.

Dallas spreads it out and in turn that opens up TONS of space for him to run in. They also send Dez on a lot of deep routes. That's just the scheme. X and Z strike deep which draws the safeties deep and open up the intermediate zones for the slot/TE/RB.

The Niners run Crab underneath a lot, and he has to get physical to pick up extra yards. They use a lot of designed plays for Crab

At Dallas Romo is reading the presnap coverages and taking what he gets. Sometimes it's Dez but regardless they pass it way more than we do so naturally he gets more targets.

Ideally they want to force the safeties to keep an eye on the run and the intermediate routes which leaves Dez in single coverage. Romo will exploit all day single coverage on Dez every
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Stay tuned next week for Welker vs Crabs
He drops a lot of catchable passes and is a prima dona. Who cares about meaningless stats. How much does Dez help his team win?
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i always liked Dez and wanted in him

Lmao this
I didnt catch that stoney bro
They are both great recievers! Our offences as stated above are way different from one another! But i like crabs, maybe biased here the dez is one helluva wr as well
I am sorry I like Crabtree a lot but Dez is a top 3 (maybe 2nd best) WR in the NFL. I would love to see him line up against Sherman twice a year. The dude is the most explosive WR in the NFL. When he catches the ball he puts distance between him and a DB trying to chase him down. That catch he made vs DET for his first TD was sick. No way he joins SF but I would take him in a heart beat over Crabtree. Now the thing is with Crabtree is that he does provide more of a better all around type player when he blocks for Gore. As a pure WR I am taking Dez all day!
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Since coming into the league, the only thing I remember is the incident with his mother.

Add in getting kicked out of the mall and not paying for jewelry he bought right after he was drafted and his refusal to take part in rookie hazing. That's it. Last week was blown out of proportion.

I don't think he will be another TO. I don't know why people want to villify him so much.
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