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LT- Johnathan Martin- bullying inside Dolphins locker room

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What pushed him over board was people leaving the table when he sat down....
I know that's cruel and unusual punishment but a big boy could deal with it

When it's been going on for as long as has been reported, it tends to wear some people thin.

It might not seem like a big deal to you, but you have to realize that emotions are different for everyone. The brain releases chemicals that cause the things you feel and some people have overdeveloped, underdeveloped, or otherwise dysfunctional areas in their brains that can cause their feelings to be far more intense, much less intense, or even non-existent.

Basically, it can make something you would find annoying to send someone into a violent blackout.

All I'm saying is that you shouldn't make assumptions about people you don't know. Hell, even people you do know.

Like many have said, I know this incident seems innocuous, but I am betting it's the straw that broke the camels back.
You never know what is going on in a person's personal life. This is life fellas. Anything can happen, don't be so quick to judge. Maybe someone is sick in his family and he has to come to the workplace and deal with this b.s. Labeling him without knowing anything is so easy to do.
Aldon owned this guy last year.
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I'd be in favor of making a move for this guy. He still has talent and he might do well playing for Harbaugh again. Be able to turn back the clock.

This. Especially if it's a late pick.
You are aware the trade deadline has passed?? The only way the Niners could get him is if he is waived, they put in a claim and he is awarded to them and they pick up his present contract or he clears waivers and he is signed as a free agent.

I'm referring to the offseason. I don't think the Dolphins aren't going to make a move this soon if it came to that.
Aldon owned this guy last year.
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Originally posted by ModestoNiner33:
Aldon owned this guy last year.

who dafuq are you?
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Originally posted by ModestoNiner33:
Aldon owned this guy last year.

who dafuq are you?

lol. You bully

I've never claimed to know the whole story
Just what's been reported, and from what has been said yes I believe he's a little b***h

Sorry, s**t happens, I understand that. Hell after my grandma died I didn't talk to anyone at school for a week.
And guess what, I was being a little b***h. Plain and simple, it is what it is. Would people say I have a valid excuse? Maybe
But I know that at that point I was a little b***h. Just like i know this guy at this point is being a little b***h too
Every one in the nfl has to deal with "bullying"
If you f**k up, you get hundreds of tweets
The opposition talks trash at the line of scrimmage before every play
Half the game is mental, that the nature of the game.
Lets not forget the nfl is made up of people competing for a lively hood
If them messing with a guy means they get playing time don't you think they'll do that
Only because you're teammates doesn't mean you need to like each other (ei Montana and young)

Originally posted by ModestoNiner33:
Aldon owned this guy last year.

I know this is the age of people's feelings and bullying in cyberspace. I I believe in old school, look at the man eye to eye punch him between the forehead and the bridge of the nose. He will tread lightly in your presence, guarenteed.
Originally posted by valrod33:
They are either making fun of him for being gay or having a really small penis

High draft pick OT out of Stanford being gay? Hmmm. I feel like I have heard this story before.
Poor kid
Stuff isn't funny. Bullying is a serious no-no. I was bullied in pre high school. Hurt like hell, having every kid against you. No friends, and the ones you did have turned on you.

Then HS got here, and 10th grade, I was an outcast for having depression and being bi polar, and most felt like it was a catchable illiness. Lost many friends because of this s**t. Went back for graduation rehersal, and got one kid say "Why are you even here?" Hurt, now I would tell them to go f**k off. But in 2003 I was still shy and tiny kid. Now I am more built, muscled up. If I was in HS, I would be the one stepping up for those being bullied.

s**t is serious, no reason to joke about that. Till this day I take several medications for the depression and bi polar, plus OCD. Sucks, but if it keeps you going, it's worth it.
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