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**** WEEK 9 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/31 - 11/4 ****

( subject to change )


This is the week where the 10+ legit playoff teams separate themselves....

Are the Panthers for real?
Can the Chiefs keep it up (they've got 8 wins, you guys can lose now )?
Is the Jets defense as bad as the one we saw against the Bengals?
Who is going to make noise in the NFC East?
That stadium is empty.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
That stadium is empty.

This thread ... is emptier
only reason im watching is because i had to pick up dalton with kaep off for fantasy...been a crappy game so far haha
hunt with a sack
Redskins vs. Vikings next thursday
Cincinnati sucks right now.
Cincy has a nice group of WR's, AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Mohammed Sanu. Paul Soliai has looked like a beast in the middle for Miami, has been really moving the pocket back.
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Redskins vs. Vikings next thursday

Pick 6.....whomp...whomp.
The red rifle is misfiring tonight
Bengals have all the tools, wide-outs, tight end and running backs. Will go as far as Andy Dalton takes them, I think he'll come up short.
shuold have just given the ball to bernard you red headed f**k

everybody and they momma knew you were going to jones.
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