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**** WEEK 8 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/24 - 10/28 ****

Megatron time
Calvin Johnson just went over 300 yards receiving
holy s**t
Nevermind, I underestimated how s**tty the Cowboy's defense was, holy crap.
Holy s**t Stafford. lol
looooooooooooooooool cowboy gonna cowboy
That is beautiful. f**k that Weasel tho
Lions just scored TD in less than a minute from their 20 yard line/ no TOs, WTF
dude why they only playin OAK PITT????
Dez losing it on the sidelines lol
Does Bryant is acting like a two-year-old what a dumb m*********er
demarcus ware looked like he was about to b***h slap dez hahaha
f**k the cowboys
Akers just won the game