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I take it back eli!

I've always thought you were over rated, product of having a great coach and defense, and one hell of a lot of luck. I take it back. I was wrong sir. Your oline is trash, you wr's who are considered studs look more like duds, the running game you have, I'm kidding the negative yard rushing attack you have doesn't help you. Really no one on this team is helping you. But play after play you stand in and throw it like farve just gun slinging all over the place, why getting the living crap kicked out of you. Tough sob.
f**k eli
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Originally posted by monsterzero789:
f**k eli

Originally posted by Jcool:

He still looks like he has downs! lol I respect his play as a Qb now. Turn on the game it's a massive suck feast come join me in watching this horrible Monday night game.
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Eli can EAD
Horrible thread and update the list. Horribly spelled gold digger dude is a giants fan
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