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**** WEEK 7 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/17 - 10/21 ****

In the immortal words of Arte Johnson, "Very Interesting".
Need me some more Wayne and Thomas
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Originally posted by SportsFan:
Peyton's career is going to end in Indy.

I think come tomorrow he will appear on the injury report and it have something to do with his neck.

Originally posted by RonMexico:
Need me some more Wayne and Thomas

I got Wayne too. That last play

Instead of a TD he may have blown out his knee
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Originally posted by Jcool:
Yes tonight he is playing amazing but in most game he plays average for 90% of the game, but then pulls off a 4th quarter comeback and everyone gushes like he can do no wrong. I mean last year with Wayne and Hilton he couldn't complete over 54% of his passes and lead the league in turnovers but people kept saying he had this amazing season because of the win turnaround with pretty much the same team that Manning went 24-8 the last two years before the injury.

You do realize last year his defense was a joke. His run game was a joke. His oline was a joke. He was sacked 41 times that 26th in the league. His run game was stuffed 25% of the time. It was 26th in the league. He also had the 5th most passing attempts.

He was a rookie who had an organization in turmoil put on his shoulders and he made it to the playoffs his first season. I think he more than met the call. What more do you expect?

He's a playing alot better now so I hope if you're holding the stats against them that when they get better you'll reconsider. He's pretty much in the low 20s in the league in fumbles and INTS. His passing completion percentage is 62%.
Thats never good when a WR goes down like that.
Inaccurate throw injures Wayne. Colts have lost control of the game. Everything is going wrong.
Originally posted by RonMexico:
Need me some more Wayne and Thomas

Well that's a tough break
Final score 39-37 Colts. Book it.
Damn, hope the guy is ok. Those types of injuries are always scary wondering how bad they could be
Pass Rush may have saved the day there, oh good the flag is a non issue.
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I had to leave for a bit, but I see the Colts pissed away a big lead
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Manning choking
40-39 Denver
Manning going to die.