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Rules that need to be changed/fixed...

I hate all subjective calls...period full stop. Unprotected receiver, is the new face mask.
defensless receiver is a stupid penalty. Jerry Rice ran across the middle a ton of times but he knew when to get down and avoid the big hit and stayed healthy for most of his career. Effort is one thing but if you are going to put yourself in a "defenseless" position to make the catch the defender should not be penalized for doing his job!

Line play needs to be cleaned up. It was my understanding that when a D lineman is enganged another o- lineman wasn't able to cut block. I thought this was a rule put in long ago but after seeing what happend to Ian Williams and the league's response that it was legal confused me about this. If its not a rule it should be.

Illegal contact: this is called inconsistently by the refs. Seattle's db should be called for illegal contact on almost every play. But for some reason the refs throw this rule out the door. Call the damn penalty!

Muffed Punts cannot be advanced. Never understood the point of this rule. If the guy drops the ball why can't it be advanced?

Kickoff location blows. period!
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