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Anquan Boldin

His contract is up after the season and in his 30's, can we or should we try to re-sign him? How much would he be willing to accept?
i think that is a great off season question
absolutely, no matter how well Crabs and Manningham do this year, Boldin is a very good vet that will be a solid contributor IMO for another 2-3 years in the NFL. I say a 2 or 3 year deal with the guaranteed money coming next year only at 4-5M/year.
At the right price, no question. Continuity and quality can only help the passing game going forward.
I trust Balke will make the correct decision.
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We could, we might...

diaperfan, lol!!
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Well he's already slow and he still knows how to play at a high level despite that, so it sounds like a good idea to me.
I'd give him a one year deal at 3 million.
boldin has proven that he can still get it done. i dont see why it would be a bad thing to bring him back. depending on how much crabs wants maybe the team will keep boldin and let him walk with all his injury history. hopefully the niners dont have to break the bank for crabs and he comes back but im not so sure if his agent is gonna be greedy
2yr $10M, or 3yr $15M, comes out at $5M APY.

Unsure of guaranteed money. It basically becomes guaranteed once on week 1 roster. But he deserves a good signing bonus.

Originally posted by AB81Rules:
2yr $10M, or 3yr $15M, comes out at $5M APY.

Unsure of guaranteed money. It basically becomes guaranteed once on week 1 roster. But he deserves a good signing bonus.

agreed. i think he'll get a 3 year. hes in great shape and doesnt look like hes declined much at all. hes really gonna look amazing when crabs gets back on the field. now hes facing double teams and the whole world knows hes the only WR we have and still getting the job done for the most part
I hope we can extend his contract for 2 more years. Even when Crabtree comes back this season, he's still going to be far from his old healthy self. I wanna see Boldin and a healthy Crabtree for a whole season and see what they can do for us.
Are the Niners interested in resigning A Boldin does anybody know I live in Dallas area now and RARELY get any Niner news. I think myself Id LOVE to see the Niners extend him another year or 2 with a healthy Crabtree I think they could cause some problems for other teams then you toss in V Davis and you have some serious pass catching threats that would relive some of the 8 man boxes and then you cut F Gore loose.

What do you all think should or will the Niners Keep Boldin?
Pay the man already.

He's gotten better as the season progresses.
We absolutely should keep Boldin. The fact he can be so effective without any speed means he knows how to be productive well into his 30's. He has a lot of good football left in him, he's clutch, and he's durable.

I think we have a good chance at keeping him. All free agents want to get paid, but Boldin is at the point in his career where he wants to win more than anything else. His list of suitors will only include championship contenders. We're one of those teams, and as long as we're in the same ballpark in regards to salary, we should keep him.
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