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NFL considering more Thursday football

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Awful Announcing ‏@awfulannouncing

AA has learned plans are for Jim Nantz & Phil Simms to still be a prominent part of CBS's Sunday NFL games

Likely that Nantz/Simms broadcast most nationally televised Sunday CBS games, but may have some weeks where they work only Thursdays.
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Awful Announcing ‏@awfulannouncing

NFL now says that the 2 Saturday games will be a Week 16 doubleheader. So scratch Nantz/Simms working both those games.
The fans don't want it.
The players don't want it.

The money that runs the league wants it!

They also not only want a team in London but they want the Super Bowl to be played in London!

How much does it take to ruin something good? The NFL is the the #1 thing going. Bigger than MLB, the NBA and NHL combined yet they want more. I already pay over $300 to watch my teams games and now they want to charge me more?!

Its like having a good thing but always wanting more. And we all thought free agency would ruin the game? Its the greedy league and the greedy owners who will take it down.
The Thursday games are usually garbage.
Originally posted by T-9ers:
The Thursday games are usually garbage.

Guys are visably beat down.
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Coaches will be tired and unprepared.

Players will be tired and injured.

Talent level will decrease.

The Browns may finally have a shot!

Money will be made.

Fans will be pissed.
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From a fantasy aspect alone Thursday night games are terrible. Fantasy is what is driving a lot of the revenue for league so they better be careful. I don't like having to start Emmanuel Samders over Wes Welker because he hasn't been cleared for a concussion on Thursday but may be ready to go on Sunday.

It's a money grab and I think fans need to band together to protest Goodell outside every football event.

They complain they can't sell tickets but $50 to park a car, $10 a beer, $20 for chicken fingers. It's not the Tv experience it's the additional costs of going to a game why attendance is down. $300 to take your son to a game in nose bleed seats.
the games arent as good on a short week, but i also like knowing there will be a game on thursday. some sundays theres just too many games on at once to pay attention to them all.
Well, if it comes down to watching the USC game or 49ers. Guess I'm watching USC.

Pretty annoying. I mean, in general I do like the idea of watching football in the middle of the week but the games are crappy, the players hate it, etc etc.
It comes down to the owners and league being ok putting inferior play in the spotlight and people eating it up. At least that is what they want us to do.

Have your noticed how they want to add a game or games but are pretty much against adding players to the rosters to help offset the beat up or injured players. Why? Because its expenditure and not added income. Its greed.
Greed will be the ruination of the NFL...some probably believe it already has. Hard to argue with that sentiment, too.
Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
Greed will be the ruination of the NFL...some probably believe it already has. Hard to argue with that sentiment, too.

That is exactly what drives Thursday Night Football.

It is just the NFL using their product to get all of the commercial revenue for themselves once a week. The sad thing is that those games will always suck. The Networks that pay $8 billion dollars to show games will fight the NFL to the bitter end if they try to take any of the marquee matchups for themselves. Imagine how pissed NBC, ESPN, FOX, and CBS would be if the NFL charged them so much and then kept the best games for themselves on their own network. They'd flip out.
Gotohell's destruction of the league continues.
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