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The NY Giants are tanking and that's obvious.

Even Chicago knows it. The Bears went for it on 4th down on the NY 15.

Eli still threw 3 INTS when it was all said and done.

DE Clowney or OT Jake Mathews would be their prime targets for the draft.

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I don't think they are intentionally tanking. They are going through a rough patch after nearly a decade's worth of strong performance - 9 straight .500 or better seasons, multiple playoff berths, and 2 Super Bowl rings.

Teams rise and fall at some point. The Giants still have strong talent on both sides of the ball. With a couple of new pieces, they can recharge and become a playoff team again very soon.

I agree that Clowney or Mathews would make ideal targets for them, though.
Just Tony being Tony.

See, Kyle Williams spared us all from an 0-6 2013 season under Super Bowl 46 MVP Alex Smith
Right dude. A Coughlin, Manning led team would really tank
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