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**** WEEK 6 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/10 - 10/14 ****

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Haha Saints LOSE!! I really dislike that sack of crap.

Hey be nice to The Dude's fat cousin! It was only entirely his fault he went into prevent with the game on the line and 1:30 left.
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Seattle is so lucky that Brown blew that fumble
Yep, I agree. But in fairness, the Titans were also incredibly lucky with the whole botched-field-goal-attempt-turned-touchdown-before-halftime fiasco.
Lol wtf what
oh god, stfu costas
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Get off your f**king soapbox and ead costas
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KC broke the record/beat seaderrall in being annoying as f**k!!

That's WITHOUT a rigged stadium!
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Damn, Washington Redbulls kicker gonna have a sore foot tomorrow... all they get is field goals agains Cowgirls!
cowturds copying our "Niner noise" drummers
Holy s**t!

Dat throw by Romo was vicious
I can't believe I was actually rooting for the Patriots today, but nice to see The Saints take an L.

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00:07 and 02:16

That is all.....
did RG3000 really just argue with his coach lol

seemed like he shrugged off the fumble like: it happens, whatever lol
People act like Kaepernick has regressed from what he was doing last year so if that's the case, RG3 has regressed even worse.
Refs are literally making up calls to protect RG3.
wtf lol

and he had a huge ass grin on his face like

"I wonder how much subway will pay me for my next commercial "
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