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**** WEEK 6 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/10 - 10/14 ****

Originally posted by ninerjok:
I'm sorry but Harbaalke really f**ked up letting Marcus Cooper get away.

Yea dude is really balling.
LOL....Terelle Pryor....
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
I remember how many people were upset about the 49ers trading up for Reid when "MATT ELAM WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE"........everytime I see this dude he's getting toasted, just got toasted by Jermichael Finley.

Seemed more like a SS to me. Same with Swearinger and wasn't fully convinced on Cyprien either... he might make a better SS than a FS
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Why is the Redzone channel on cable sooooo much better then on DirecTV???
where is the run game roman? spread formations are aloosing prop with no.recievers. force their lbs corners miler and mcdonald blocking.
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i think dorsey is just cramping
Not tht the 2 r n ne way related, but it feels like every time the natl debt clocks up anothr 100 billion, niners lose anothr dlineman. Sheesh
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Jags keeping it close/Titans winning
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have no idea why that titans defender broke contain on russell wilson, allowed a 30 yard run for now f**king reason
Jacksonville playing the any-given-Sunday card to the max.
Wilson running around for his life that little f***er's gonna get smashed one of these times.
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