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**** WEEK 5 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/3 - 10/7 ****

If the Falcons win it's because the officials wanted them to.
Absolutely amazing. If the Falcons hold on Coach Smith should thank the officials for saving his season. NFL officials determine the outcome of games on a weekly basis.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
If the Falcons win it's because the officials wanted them to.

This ref crew is auditioning to do the Broncos games for the rest if the season
Bend and break big nickel!
Too much big nickel IMO
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Nolan isn't even that good of a DC. Once the opponent figures out what he's doing he sucks. That's why he doesn't last anywhere and just moves on to the next team that's stupid enough to hire him.

he's the lane kiffin of DCs,

him and rob ryan

Lane Kiffin was never good at anything except getting jobs he shouldn't get.

Except getting a hot wife.
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Atlanta has ZERO defense...
Hell yea falcons 1-4
lol, falcons are done.

The AFC East owns the Falcons in back to back weeks.

J E T S Jets
And survivor pools everywhere (at least the ones I'm in) explode
Everybody at ESPN just got all wet off the Jets going above .500
J-E-T-S!!! Love it!!! Season OVA, Falcons!!!
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Prevent Defense Prevents Wins
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