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**** WEEK 5 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/3 - 10/7 ****

LOL typical romo
  • vaden
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Right on cue...
500 yards down the drain, lol
  • jimrat
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Now there is the Romo we all know hahaha
  • Tman
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Romo gunna romo
  • Jcool
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Romo being Romo
  • NickV
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Lmfao! Romo with 500 + yards passing but still finds room to f**k up.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Time for an epic Romo collapse.

And less than a minute later, we got it like clockwork. Lol
Its hard wired into Romo's DNA
It never fails with Romo.
oh boy.....
Romo gonna Romo, all of America is watching and BOOM.....INT.
Romo gonna Romo. His timing is impeccable.
Romo right on cue. What a bum lol.
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