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Just a though about the NFL format

okay.. 16 game regular season schedule and current playoff format.. Pro Bowl played after the super bowl and additional Bowl game.. You take all 32 teams and get the two teams with the best record and let them play eachother... So last year aside of the Super Bowl game, there would be another trophy game between the Packers (15-1) and Patriots (13-3) ... It could be for the lets say it... The Bill Walsh trophy ;)

if the two teams with best record are the same as the teams who played in the super bowl, you take the next two best.
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Interesting concept, but it'd be a meaningless trophy in my opinion. Maybe you could say that format for the HOF game - teams that had the best record the previous season.
well i would not say meaningless... in soccer lets say there are 21 teams.. each team plays eachother twice, home and away, and the team with best record wins the championship (here there would be a game between 1 and 2)

then aside of that there are teams from A, B and C Devision that play for the cup ina playoff type format...

so that will not be meaningless.. also a team that only loses 1 game could have a lost season, but yet the giants go on to win the super bowl at 9-7 few years back...

either way its a win win situation, one more game and more drama...

i mean the NFL season is very short!!
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