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**** WEEK 4 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/25 - 9/30 ****

I'm loving watching the Texans making the Seadderral struggle. Seahwaks line is giving up a ton of pressure
Houston is literally suffocating that offense, damn.
Wilson looks awesome.
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
Good news on Bennett.

"Glad to hear it wasnt his neck, but his lower back" - Tim Ryan

um, isn't part of the spine and associated nerves in the lower back?
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Adam Teicher ‏@adamteicher

Eric fisher possible concussion. Stevenson at rt for chiefs
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Wilson looks awesome.

His passing yards barely surpassing his height in inches.
More proof Seattle ain't s**t on the road.

Turns out Century Link is a bigger performance enhancer than Adderall.
Wilson is effective outside the pocket, if he stays inside the hash marks he's ineffective. I think I hear Dennis Green in the background.
One thing is for sure, 49ers better not call a lot of those long developing pass plays next week. Quick hitters, slants, screens, get the ball out to the TE's in space, Roman needs to lay off his pistol/read option b******t because this Texans defense will eat them alive.
The TE's are killing Seadderral. I hope Roman is watching this game for the Dec. 8th game!

Pete should have seen this coming ... especially, after the way Houston was SPANKED last week.
The HIGH road is not always the way to go. Maybe a different game-plan might have worked. Still
lots of time, but it doesn't look good for the Hawks today.
I hate to give Seattle any excuses but they are down 3 O lineman.
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Game manager has more yards this year than Super star.

Funny how people view things.
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WHoops just cursed him lulz
Alex just remembered that he's Alex Smith.
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