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**** WEEK 4 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/25 - 9/30 ****

Shaub carving up that secondary lmao!
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Pass interference on the Seattle saintly secondary??? Did these refs just not get the memo or what??? You can't call that on them.

This is groundbreaking.
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49ers 3
Texans 59
Seahawks D is gassed
Damn....go for 7....f**k it.
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Seattle all scratchin there heads lol
lol cliff avril is always hurt, great signing
Originally posted by LisaTwelve:
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Plus most of his weapons are healthy

Though many of his protectors (Unger, Giacomini, Okung) are not.
tough sledding today, no doubt . . .

That's right. Plus playing against JJ Watt is no joke, even the most elusive guy has a hard time running away from him.
Seattle looks like two different teams. Super Bowl contenders at home. Mediocre on the road, especially against top tier teams. Incredible. But I'm loving it. Keep kicking Shehawk a** Texans !!
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Who's hurt!?!

Kubiak still scripting the offense, Bill Walsh style......
Avril down.
Originally posted by verb1der:
Who's hurt!?!

It looked like Seattle's entire defensive line.....errrrybody went to the ground. Just f**king them up with those cut blocks.
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just when you thought the seahawks jersey couldnt get any uglier...

bears are choking
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