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Has the league ruined play with its rules concerning defense?

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Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Originally posted by LVJay:
The Future Of NFL

A tap on the butt will be a tackle. A tap on the cup (nuts) will be a sack.

mark sanchez doesn't suck then, he's just way ahead of his time.

You stand correct
The problem with these rules is consistency. Holding happens on every play all over the field, but the refs are subjectively throwing flags and cant watch every player all the time leading to lopsided calls.

Now this is just a crazy theory I have based on what Ive noticed in the games Ive watched so far... But to me it seems that teams with brighter and contrasting colors draw the refs eye more often while teams with darker more subtle colors along with white dont seem to draw the eye as consistently. Totally crazy theory, but after watching a bunch of "brain games" shows about the brain and its relationship to the eye... it does kind of make sense. Obviously not an excuse, but some of these games have been so lopsided with calls and missed calls that its hard to believe every team is on an equal playing field to the ref's eyes.
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