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Colts trade for Trent Richardson

To be fair last year the guy played quite a bit with broken ribs and still almost got 1,000 yards. If healthy the dude could be a huge weapon for their offense as long as its after this Sunday.
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Wow. Miners should just send a 3rd rounder to the titans for Britt. Then Bradley Toby in draft baby

Who are the miners?
. Auto correct on my phone. Niners
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A mind blower, the position has been devalued in the last decade. The injury to Weeden must be more severe, I've never seen any team trade there best player two games into the season, the move is so un-NFL.
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Mike Lombardi is blowing it up in Cleveland.
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How many of those have played for the niners?
Kinda surprising and kinda not.

On one hand, they dont have to pay him Top 10 money now, and on the other end they traded there best player away.

Now Colts get to pay Trent after 2013.
They obviously saw that Seattle was able to run it down our throats and want to do the same. Our defense will get tired like it did in Seattle.
sorry, after 2014 is when he id due an extension.
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Originally posted by Overkill:
I would feel bad for Browns fans if I gave a sh*t about anyone in Cleveland. Its not like Trent's an all-star, but damn that must be one depressing franchise to follow.

Agree! We are so spoiled as 49er fans...imagine if you were a Browns, Raiders or Jaguars fan!!! There would be a mass suicide around here if we had to follow those franchises!

f**ks sake we're gonna lose on Sunday
I don't trust anything the Browns do. Trading him is stupid as hell. No wonder they always suck.
I wonder how this will impact my FF team. I picked him with my 1st rounder because of Norv Turner and the fact we are PPR league.
Brown's got hosed but at least they'll end up with either Clowney or Bridgewater. They should've received another 3rd
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that's f**king depressing
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