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Why are the Seattle CHEAT HAWKS allowed different rules from 31 other teams?

Somebody please explain it to me. I don't see 31 other teams being allowed within the rules to hold, grab, turn and change direction of WR's and TE's and outright tackle and mug them anywhere in their route. You get a 5 yard bump area. But I routinely see the CHEAT HAWKS mug people 20, 30, 40 yards down the field. And they never get a penalty called on them. Nmandi touches an opposing players jersey and he gets a 40 yard penalty. So obviously this isn't being called consistently.

If the new NFL rule is mug players as much as you want 40 yards down the field and there is no penalty why can't 31 other teams do this? Why is it just Seattle who is allowed to do this?

I'm ok if a team is good and productive within rules. But when they are obviously flaunting rules blatently 2 years in a row and nobody else can do this than something is very wrong.

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I really think the Seahawks are playing a game of chicken with the officials. They are daring them to throw a flag on every play. The officials are too scared to do it for fear of making the game un-watchable.

If I'm an opposing team, I would use the same tactics. Instruct my DBs to hold, grab, push, and mug their receivers after 5 yards. Dare the officials to throw the flag every play. They can't justify penalizing me when they allow the other team to get away with it.

Weird as it is, you're at a disadvantage against the Seahawks if you try to play by the rules. The officials will properly call PI on you, but not them.
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Not convinced.
Lol no wonder they call us whiners. I seen about ten threads about them being too loud, they cheated, etc. we got an ass whipping, move on. It will be ok. It was one game, on the road. It won't decide the season.

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