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Anyone else thinking McFadden?

I believe he's up for free agency and that he could be had since the Raiders are in rebuild mode. We could really use the injection of speed and big play capability. Guys a great player when healthy and we have extra picks. We need something to get positive about after getting whooped by Seattle, again.
no, you're the only one.
I'm thinking Colts
there's this guy and his name is Marcus Lattimore. You should read more...
No, I kind of see Lattimore to be McFadden like for us next year
The money it would take to sign him should be used to extend our players and possibly upgrade the secondary and center.

He is a great player when healthy though.
For what hes injured 50% of the time no thanks and we already have Gore Lattimore Hunter James and Dixon
I'm talking for the rest of this year.
Originally posted by T-9ers:
I'm talking for the rest of this year.

Am I missing something?

How are they going to get him for the rest of the year?

If the Niners had a choice, they would not sign a high priced free agent with an injury history. They have 13 draft picks again next year where they can find talent on the cheap by comparison.
No. I'm on the side that Gore isn't the entire problem, sure we need to use Hunter more but our running scheme is the problem. Gore will get his and I still believe he will be back next year, add in Hunter and LMJ (who people forget played real well when KH got hurt last year and ran behind a crap backup OL this preseason) then when you factor in Lattimore and even the fact that Dixon has looked pretty good. RB is NOT a position of need, we need to extend our guys, have a solid draft and maybe bring in a FA or 2 this off season.
I'm thinking Burger King.
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
I'm thinking Burger King.

do they still ahve those yummy chicken fries?
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