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Bring in....

Kenny Britt. Reports are he's not happy and he's not going to be resigned by next season. Tennessee could be looking to dump him for a 3rd or 4th rounder.

If our need for another WR isn't obvious after Sunday's game, this offense might be in trouble. Run game is in shambles and our only two options are Boldin and VD. I expect the run game and pass game to be clicking against Indy on Sunday but this team needs to look down the line as they'll be playing much better D's going forward. Nobody knows how effective Manningham and Crebtree will be when they come back. Britt was a pretty darn good WR we he had VY and even hasselbeck throwing him the ball. He's an injury risk so I'd say a 4th is adequate.
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Kenny Britt sucks and he's lazy and injury prone
Originally posted by Garcia:
Kenny Britt sucks and he's lazy and injury prone

So you're cool with Kyle Williams as the #2 until November?
Originally posted by Garcia:
Kenny Britt sucks and he's lazy and injury prone

Yup and he has off the field issues
f**ks sake I thought this was gonna be about TO
If he comes here, he's gonna be more focused on smoking weed and driving while drunk.
I think were gonna be good at receiver we don't need him Patton i think will eventually get the 2 spot and Williams and Baldwin will battle for the 3 then when Manningham and Crabtree come back then were solid at receiver. Lets focus on developing Patton and Baldwin instead of bringing in a 1 year rental.
if this happens i'd be for it, in some thread about crabs injury i mentioned this as a possibility
Britt was hot in 2010. He fell off since then. I'd be alright with it if we knew we'd get the old version and he stayed healthy and out of trouble.
The topic is a good idea though. Will there be any good WR's that will become available in trade as we get closer to the trade deadline? I want to save the top two picks to trade up for a CB next year. We still have ton of picks to get a veteran WR. We don't want to draft another dud high.

Nicks will be a FA next year and they just paid Cruz. Would they trade him?

The one I wonder about is Justin Blackmon. He got suspended for 4 games. The Jags have new management and seem to be tanking the season. Will they have a fire sale for more picks? Would having him and Crabtree at WR with Boldin in the slot make a difference against Seattle? .

If you are new to the zone you should really just read threads and figure out which ones are completely useless and which ones matter. Best to let the zone think you are a noob instead of making threads and removing all doubt.

And this isnt aimed at any one poster, so many stupid threads this week.
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In exchange for a 5th rounder. Take it or leave it, Titans.

(No idea how this impacts the cap)
It's all about the $$$

but I don't have lots of confidence in him.
Britt would rejoin his old college teammate Anthony Davis in this case so maybe that would calm him down.
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