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Richard Sherman Speaks

In reading the text of this interview that just happened I have to say maybe he's coming down off the Roids and is thinking more sanely.

Frankly, he sounds like not that bad a guy now and I gained a little respect.

Still want us to kick his #ss and the rest of them though till the entire Seattle punk fan base squeals.


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Don't believe it. He injects before game time, not before interviews!
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Well done Richard. Credit where credit is due. He sounds professional and excited for the game and what it means for both teams.
Preparing for his FA signing with the Niners a la Deion lol
he can ESAD articulate intelligent response to each question. I am shocked and pleasantly surprised by this.
Dick Sherman
It's an act. He'll be playing the role of Dick Sherman on Sunday, wait and see.
I am surprised he didn't have a mouth full of adderall when he was talking.....This guy is a total clown.
Originally posted by WINiner:
It's an act. He'll be playing the role of Dick Sherman on Sunday, wait and see.


Don't care. That fool is always saying something.
He knows he can easily be embarrassed on Sunday
I listened to him on some interviews during Super Bowl week and he actually seems like a nice, educated guy. He said he likes to do all the talking as a show/for fun. However, I still hate him when he's on the field and hope we stomp the crap out of them Sunday, and every other time we play them for that matter.
Looks like he might be maturing a little bit. His act was fake and it got old quick. Followed him at Stanford and he was always a good dude there. Not sure why he thought it would be good for his image to be a villain. He's not that type of guy.
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I like sherman, in the sense that if he were on our team he'd probably be one of my favorite players.
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