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**** WEEK 2 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/12 - 9/16 ****

Originally posted by dmax:
We have a pretty good football game....REALLY?

Bull s**t.
Originally posted by ninerjok:
Jets hanging in there pretty good. I will LMAO if they pull this out.

it's basically the little engine that could versus an old broken ferarri.
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Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Bull s**t.

That's exactly what I said
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Omg..the entire team sucks
Go jets
Damn geno
Omg he caught it
let go geno smith score a TD
The excuses for Brady are annoying as f**k. Never his fault with these announcers.
Get rid of these Thursday night games.
Rozelle, Good-Dell heaven, 8-8
playing a guy whos starting Brady

The Pats are pretenders this year after this W. They'll have squeezed out two close victories against bad teams
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Get rid of these Thursday night games.

they're lame aren't they?

i'm so busy with school i forget this s**t is even on
I'm not Geno fan.................. BUT COME THE EFF ON GENO!!! WIN DA GAME!!!
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