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Just curious if there are any other fans like myself that are following the games of the former 49ers, particularly when we aren't playing at the same time.

I've been bouncing between the KC/Jax game, NO/ATL, and Tampa/NY Jets so far.
Goldson just killed somebody going over the middle.

Edit: add another one to that.. He just did it again.... Lol
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Delanie Walker has 2 of Jake Locker's completions so far.
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i have none of those games. im stuck with the seattle vs panthers, so i get to watch Ginn then the other game is cinci vs chicago
im stuck with the raiders and colts. i guess phillip adams is playing for them....
I heard the announcer mention Ricky jean Francois in the colts and raiders game. I have been half watching so I don't know how much he actually has done.
Alex Smith is playing his usual style of check downs and short passes seems to be working and there routing the jaguars but the jags are horrible. Goldson is also plying his usual style of knocking people out while collecting fines and penalties.
With the Chiefs game being a blowout, anyone think we get an AJ Jenkins sighting?
Haralson got a sack and a few pressures
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Akers 2-2 today with the Lions

Sop made a few plays for the Eagles tonight
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