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The next great offensive scheme

  • eman
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It seems like every year, the nfl offenses are becoming creative to pile up points and confuse defenses
There was wildcat, read option, pistol with read option, hurry up..
I think the next offense we need to do is hurry up with read option
Most team like packers are thinking they can do to us what the ravens did roughing up the passer.. This takes a defense to be properly lined up, know assignments (i.e. which defender will take the QB and which the RB).. They need to communicate and speak to each other
But what if u rapidly alternate between base offense and hurry up pistol offense, then you have significant mismatches where the defense is not lined up and you can exploit the confusion. Seeing how peyton destroyed ravens in the second half, i couldnt stop but think about it.
Remember, we lost the superbowl last year because due to our team taking all 35seconds of the play call, they could not run that designed run on the third down to the left where Kap had a walk in.
The pistol read option will be unstoppable if you do it in hurry up and not giving the defense all 35 seconds to line up and speak with eachother about it...

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Watch much Oregon Ducks?
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I agree, especially after watching Payton Manning destroy the ravens. And that was without the read option.
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  • thl408
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Sounds legit. Seriously. Just takes excellent knowledge of the playbook and elite conditioned athletes offense. Kind of works in reverse of what a ball control offense stands for. It would be a good dimension to add though.
Good post.

I really like the "Hurry Up" especially against teams w/good pass rushers.

I'd like to see us use it against Seattle, I think they'd be in trouble.
Who is to say the Niners won't do that tomorrow?
  • eman
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I am really hoping they do
I dont watch much of oregon ducks so sorry if i was captain obvious.. But from watching several of lamichaels highlights, their offense was just uptempo all the time. What i was suggesting is do the run heavy and mauling formations and occasionally throw in the hurry up read option. I think it will be deadly
Matt Barrows was talking about the niners offense the other day on KNBR and what makes it unique, and what they do is actually call THREE plays in the huddle, so when they line up to the Defense Kap can make the right call based on what he sees and they will always have the right play. This is something not every QB can do but because of Kap's intelligence and growth into the offense, the 49ers can. I think we see a dominating O this year, and who knows, maybe they work some hurry up read option in as well because that would be pretty hard to defend too.
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
Watch much Oregon Ducks?

This. Watch what Kelly does in Philly.
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