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Paton Manning's arm strength?

During the preseason I kept hearing comments how Paytons arm strength was better this year. Kinda struck me funny I didnt relize he had a problem. started watching him more closely you know the old adage where thers smoke theres fire! I think his arm may be on the verge of being shot? he makes a lot of floating looking passes. no real zip, he used to have alot of zip on the ball. Anyways just one haters opion!
He looked sharp in the preseason. He's definitely them tonight.
he's no Kaep
He looks a little weaker. Kaep has a rocket arm compared to him. Injuries + age I guess. Truthfully he never had the strongest arm. Just reads the field super well, always makes the right decision and throws super accurate.
I've watched Peyton closely since his return (and rejecting the niners). He has definitely lost arm strength. All his throws are floaters and he can only push down field sporadically. If he gained any strength back it is marginal. What it really shows is what an amazingly accurate passer he is. He compensates for lack of zip for perfectly timed and placed floaters. He's like an old flame all pitcher who's lost ten MPH off his pitches but has pinpoint location. He's looking fine tonight but there were a few chances downfield that he couldn't make. Still an above average QB but no longer top 3 to me.
Get serious his arm a cannon? No. But it's MORE than adequate. Few in the NFL do have rocket arms.

The guy has "floated" 6 TD passes tonight and is the best QB of our generation. Nuff said.

Yeah he makes more plays with his brain then arm.

That think is shot.
6 tds! I'd take that over a cannon
Watching this game is making me mad this is what the Ravens defense was during the superbowl today there just not aided by the refs to get there murder hero a ring.
Dude is hot, but let's see how he is in December, in the middle of Mile High, and the cold.

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Quinton Paton Manning?
I hope Paton breaks all of Favrahs passing records.
7 TDs

yeah his arm strength is terrible
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= Kaps baby finger... although, his accuracy, decision-making and ability to read (all kinds) defenses is top notch.
Best game for a QB possibly ever?
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