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*** 2013 WEEK 1 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/5 - 9/9 ***

i started marlon brown. let's go flacco you potato head
If this is what "good" teams look like this season... I'm feeling good about my Niners
Originally posted by YungBird:
Originally posted by SoCal9er:
Wow, Dallas Clark is slow. Can't believe that wasn't an INT.

not all TE's are VD lol
Yes, but Tony Gonzalez is ancient and he's faster than Clark. Even Dwight Clark might be faster.
Welker...fumbled the punt!
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haha...f**k you Welker
Aw hell naw...

That's retarded by Welker
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nice job welker
There's a Ray Rice TD for chico49erfan.

Luckiest team in the world
vontae leach is such a beast
Should've done what Kyle Williams will most def always do in that situation. Run as far away from that ball as you can, Like its a damn bomb.
It's not Welker's fault if Denver loses this game
STA gaffes are huge
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