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Don't Kick me 49er Fans but what about Mark Sanchez as a Backup?

He's been to two AFC Championship games... you guys don't think Harbaugh could work his magic on Sanchez???
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:

I keep thinking back to Jim Plunkett, his career was over and then the Raiders picked him up, sat him for two seasons and the result two Super Bowls. If the team is bringing in people like Skelton, Wallace and McCoy why not Sanchez. He's been to two AFC Championship games, last time I checked the aforementioned group doesn't have many wins.

I'd take him over Colt as the #2 QB as long as it's for the vets minimum.
EXACTLY!! He's been to two AFC Championship games, all on the road with hiddeus offensive coaching, marginal weapons and produced. The reason he's failed the last 2 seasons is no weapons around him and no running game. that would all change with him as a 9er.
Originally posted by NinerGod:

Dont forget about the magazines, the publicity. He came from Cali to the lights of NY, do you really think he would give that up to back up CK? That goofy ass headband he wears? SF, CLE, ARI fan bases would devour him. He's done. Let him finish out this year and maybe next with the Jets, make his money and live it up in NY, telling girls that he never lived up to his potential because of the organization.

He's not a team first guy, hes a me first guy. Dont want him in SF, and there is zero chance that Trent brings him in. Harbs wouldnt want all the media attention, Trent knows hes a failure. Let him go back up Wilson in SEA if he wants a job. Hell, I'd rather have Skeletor or a breath mint over him as a back up qb, we dont need that type of attention.
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lets just ride the horses we got. this whole backup qb thing has made me tired. who knows if there is any real difference between these guys you guys are talking about. to me, they have different names but they are all the same people

Can't believe this is really a thread
When competition makes you play worse, then you don't belong in the NFL
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:

Poor guy lost his confidence. He has no offensive weapons around him except Holmes and he's declining and Kerley which isn't nearly enough to sustain a consistent offense. Not to mention he has a bozo as a head coach. I wouldn't mind him for a back up role but for the sake of the zone exploding I hope we don't touch him with a 10 foot pole.
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