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Since I'm from Wisconsin I have heard tons of stories about Favre that would make you all think much less of him as a person. Some were even first hand accounts and a few 2nd hand. Lets just say that old rotten guts was much sleazier than the Jets situation that became public. Don't know how much different Brett is from some other pro athletes but he was a real POS when his wife wasn't around.

Of course then he went and played for the Vikes which was a no-no for GB fans. Even many GB fans still dislike him although over time it became obvious Brett's leaving was not his "fault" but that of the GM.

For me, I respected him as a player. He always seemed to have more luck than anyone on the field. Much of that seemed to happen against the 49ers. So I always hated playing him.

Right now I hate Ray Lewis. The guy is a con and a fraud. He uses his religious beliefs to explain his glory when all he really is is a murdering thug. Loved the passion with which he played the game, but the dude just wont shut up now. Hey Ray, you won the damn game. SHUT UP!

So now on to my new hate, Richard Sherman. If you and your team do something, then you can talk. Until then, shut up already. You aren't Darell Revis and your team hasn't won anything because of you. Come to think of it, they haven't won anything that matters since you were in high school son.

Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp and Keyshawn Johnson also fall into that "Just shut up" group as well. They talk better than they played.

You mean the two guys who are in the HOF?

I'll give you Keyshawn tho...