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Seneca Wallace to GB

I looked if this was already posted, didn't find anything. sorry if it is..

So a second QB of ours has been signed by Green Bay. Desperate to know our playbook much? a much to much..
I know Seneca Wallace wasn't here very long (he didn't even give the zone enough time to label him with a nickname), but does anyone know if he's given access to the playbook? How well could he know it? I know Tolzien knows the playbook well, but it makes me wonder why they'd pick up Wallace too?

Is it just coincidental that teams we will soon be facing are signing our players, or do you think its strategy? I'm not too worried, but it seems like when Michael Robinson went to Seattle, it gave them a good advantage over us.

I doubt anyone's got THAT photographic of a memory when it comes to plays and strategies. If anything, their desire to ball out to stick it to a team that thought they weren't good enough is what makes the difference.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Non-Disclosure Agreement that comes with their contracts too. Those are typically par for the course for highly competitive companies outside of football, I don't see why NFL teams wouldn't have something like that too.
I think Seneca is a legitimately solid backup and they signed him for that reason -- probably just a coincidence; Tolzien though reeks of them looking to gain a competitive edge. Oh well.
i plan to go to green bay when i retire too
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